CC Impromptu Mini-Meet-Up, Fort Collins Edition: Head To Head With Our 2002s

When I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago that I was seriously looking to sell my car after close to seven years, contributor and friend Geelongvic quickly wrote me off-line to say “No!” and started to try to talk me out of it.  When he let it drop that he was going to be in my state shortly, I suggested we meet and discuss it over breakfast.  He readily agreed and so it happened that I dragged myself out of bed on a soggy morning a few days ago and met him for breakfast and great conversation at Doug’s Day Diner, my local favorite…

Vic, who also drove his 2002 Boxster S (the red car above) to the Detroit meetup a couple of years ago where I first met him, had just finished a road rally on the fantastic driving roads of Colorado and was on his way back to Ohio after dropping his co-driver son at the Denver airport at 4am, driving his car as it was meant to be, in all conditions for thousands of miles.  He regaled me with lots of pictures and info about the rally and soon had me wistful about my own 2002 Porsche and wanting to enjoy some of what he was doing.

But perhaps even more importantly, in between we also talked about cars in general, our respective families, and other happenings as we tend to do at any of our meetups, both the bigger more “official” ones and then smaller gatherings like this one that happen to some of us on random occasions.  If you’ve met Vic, you know he’s a very cheerful fellow with a generous spirit and an infectious outlook on life that can brighten the dreariest day, even for some of us that can sometimes be somewhat curmudgeonly (or just shy).

That’s the grand thing about CC, come for the cars, stay for the cameraderie; sure, not all of us agree on everything all of the time (and that’s fine, it’d be boring otherwise, right?) but there is likely some or more common ground that may not be immediately obvious but all the more welcomed once discovered.  Our breakfast lasted from before the place opened at 6am to sometime shortly before 9am, lots of coffee was refilled, the time flew and soon enough it was time for Vic to get on the road with a lot of miles ahead of him.  Heck, we had so much fun we completely forgot to take a “group photo” of the two of us so the cars will have to do!  The parking lot was full when we left, as were our bellies, bladders, and brains.  It was a great way to start a not so nice day (and if anyone else is ever passing through, I’m always looking for an excuse for more coffee…)