CC Name Games: It’s a Different Kind of Wrangler, Charlie Brown

For a number of years—I’m thinking someone more knowledgeable than I will be able to say exactly what number comprising which years—the Jeep Wrangler was not sold in Canada. After the CJ came the Wrangler in the States, but in Canada that same model was called the YJ and its successor was the TJ.

Like this TJ, for example.

Yep, it’s a Jeep TJ, full stop; the W-word does not appear. How come? It’s because GM used the Wrangler name in Canada before the Jeep of that name went on offer.

This what you’re looking at is a nineteen-eightysomething GMC Wrangler pickup truck. I spotted it the other day in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive.

Looks pretty much like any other Chev or GMC truck of its vintage, but there’s that prominent Wrangler emblem on the fenders. I could swear a popular aftermarket truck parts cattledog used to have this in their range of replacement badges, along with the “Sierra” “Scottsdale”, and “Cheyenne” ones. Maybe they did, but it’s not there now. An Ebay search likewise comes up dry. This page on an enthusiast site gives a quick sketch; it says the Wrangler package could be had—in Canada only—on both Chev and GMC pickups.

It appears some kind of deal was arranged (or some kind of trademark expired) before the Jeep JK Wrangler came along in 2007; that model and its 2018 replacement the JL were and are offered as the Wrangler in Canada and the States alike.

It’s barrels o’ fun to play bingo with badge-engineered Canadian models—the Pontiac Tempest and Parisienne (Chev Corsica and Caprice), the Fargo (Dodge) trucks and vans, the various Meteors and Laurentians and suchlike. But what other Canada-specific trim package names can we think of?