CC Outtake: 1951 Dodge B Series Pickup – An American in Paris


Greetings from Paris. Not Paris, Texas, this really is Paris, France. No matter how exalted the city, it always has some cheesy suburbs. Even the City of Light has its share of suburban superstores. I’ve been out here a week for work, not on the Left Bank, in an industrial park by the airport. I needed to pick up a few things, so I pointed my little rental car, a diesel Peugeot 208, into this shopping center. Imagine my shock on being greeted by this old friend from my childhood, a hard-working “Job-Rated” 1951 Dodge truck. What in heaven’s name is it doing here in France??


What’s this old truck doing here in France? It’s working, of course! A modeling job, shedding some of its honest muscular character on a new variety of cheap tequila-flavored beer, believe it or not. “La bière Desperados a puisé dans le bouillonnement culturel et l’ambiance tropicale de Cuba pour nous apporter DESPERADOS VERDE.” (Desperados beer tapped into the cultural ferment and tropical atmosphere of Cuba to bring us Desperados Verde. So says Google Translate anyway.) Apparently classic American iron of the postwar period reminds Frenchmen of the Cuban Curbside. Fair enough, if it keeps an American in Paris at work.


A bit of research tells me this is a second-generation Dodge B Series truck, 1951-1953. Its tall “pilot house” cab, improved weight distribution, deeper bed and smoother suspension were popular features, says Allpar. This truck’s in great shape all around, licensed for the street and carrying a current inspection sticker. Enjoying a comfortable retirement in Paris. I envy that.  “Vive la France!”