CC Outtake: 1957 Jeep FC-150 Forward Control


(First Posted August 31, 2013)  This morning as I was pulling into the local Wal-Mart parking lot in search of some items for the household, I was greeted by this sight!  I immediately parked with a complete disregard for the painted lines and hopped out of the car with my phone in hand towards two people who were securing this to their trailer…Initially they looked at me sort of warily but when I explained to them what I was hoping to do they were very friendly and explained that they had just purchased this 1957 Jeep on eBay and the seller had met them here to complete the transfer.  Sam and his wife were almost done and ready to go but graciously allowed me to take a few quick pictures.


The truck was originally red and had obviously been painted in this not-unattractive sand color at some point as Sam was showing his wife where there was a scratch that let the red show through.  He mentioned that he was planning to repaint it red again.  His wife added “Someday…”   Apparently it hailed from Texas, but who knows where it lived before that.


They live right here in town so hopefully I will get to see this great little trucklet again someday.  It looked very complete and in good condition, except for rust underneath which is not surprising.


I like the old toggle switches on the dash, and compared to other utility vehicles of this vintage does not even look that spartan.


I didn’t ask how much he paid for it but it looked very nice and restorable (or leave it with the patina), hopefully it was exactly what was expected…


Conveniently the engine cover was in the passenger seat enabling me to get a half-decent shot of the engine.  I imagine being under there your right arm might get a bit toasty but probably not much need for a heater.  All told, this is probably the most interesting thing I have ever seen at a Walmart…