CC Outtake: 1989 Dodge Daytona – No Lift Aero Package

2014-10-05 10.16.35

I spotted this bizarro turbo Mopar on the same trip during which I came across another Chrysler relic.  Sitting in an abandoned used car lot next to a bunch of other CCs (which I was sure to capture), the red fastback stood out in its ugliness.  Such deliberate efforts to “improve” a car are not uncommon, but this begged to be shared.

2014-10-05 10.16.55

Is this a warning not to lift the hatch using the spoiler or does it designate a home grown aerodynamic package?  Maybe the former owner was inspired by the “zero lift” aerodynamics of the Infiniti G35, widely publicized upon that car’s introduction twelve years ago.

2014-10-05 10.17.16

With the combination of slightly faded taillight lenses and well preserved vinyl, it would make sense that this mod was done well after the car’s original purchase.  No need to void the 5/50 warranty, after all.

2014-10-05 10.15.54

While improving this Daytona’s aerodynamics sacrificed its rear seat, but this contact paper woodgrain trim must’ve provided ample compensation.  The combo of the older dashboard and airbag wheel marks this as a 1989.  Cosmetic surgery aside, it’s in decent shape, and restoring the it mostly requires a new hatch and some elbow grease to remove the glue.  What would you pay for the privilege?

2014-10-05 10.16.19