CC Outtake: ’90s Civic and ’10s Veloster – Separated at Birth, or Parent and Child?


I was drawn toward this pair I saw recently near my office, and had to take some pictures. They have so much in common, don’t they? Was the Veloster inspired by the early-’90s Civic hatchback? Or is it just a coincidence that the Veloster looks like an amped-up, sci-fi alien monster version of the Civic?


On the one hand, the Veloster is obviously 2 decades newer — it’s taller, heavier, stuffed with technology not dreamed of in 1992, has a surprisingly tiny greenhouse, and the giant grille that seems to be a requirement today. The styling seems to be trying oh-so-much-harder to get noticed. But on the other hand, it strikes me how similar they are. Twenty years later, the design of a stylish, inexpensive sporty coupe/hatchback is surprisingly, well, similar. Ovoid shapes, check. Biomorphic taillights, check. Upswept rear beltline, check. Swept-back, flush headlights, check. It really shows that design evolution has slowed when two cars that are two decades apart can be so alike, doesn’t it? As for me, I really like both designs.