CC Outtake: A Couple Of Tasty Treats


Often times, a simple night out having dinner with friends is a perfect opportunity for a CC photo op, as these two vintage beauties demonstrate.


I took these pictures on a chilly evening in February 2015, when I was joining my buddy Chris and several of his family members at Fuddruckers in Lakewood, Ca. It was Friday night and the place was packed, despite the nippy weather. While everyone else was shivering outside the door waiting to get in, I wandered over to the Goodyear Tires And Service next door to snap some pictures of this gorgeous restomodded 1957 Chevy pickup.


The freshly chromed badges denote this as the “3600” model, which was the heavy-duty 3/4 tonner of its day. Engine options included the ubiquitous and bulletproof 235 cubic inch “stovebolt” six and the high-revving 283 cubic-inch small block V8 for a little more zip. The bigger, torquier Pontiac V8 was only available in this truck’s GMC cousin.


I have no idea what was done to this truck engine or chassis-wise, other than the owner doing a dualie conversion on it and installing heavy-duty Alcoa wheels. It sure is nice though.


The detail work on this thing is first-rate, from the glass-smooth paint, the shiny hardware, and the Line-Xed cargo bed. Sad to say, these trucks are off my wish list due to the fact that the cramped cabs don’t gel with my 6’4″ height, my 35″ inseam, or my bad back. That still doesn’t take away my admiration of them.


A few months back, I was at Hometown Buffet with my pal Don when I spotted this unusual sight- this Triumph TR3 in racing trim.


The fresh racing decals and competition-style windscreens indicate that this car may be currently used for some sort of vintage racing. If that is indeed the case, the apparent lack of rollover protection is rather worrisome.


The deleted bumpers do offer some weight savings, but if you do such a modification you’d better be good at doing bodywork 🙂 .


The cute little butt, complete with chrome bumperettes and tiny pin-point taillights. I’d love to zip this thing around a track, along with other buzzy little beasts like it. On the 405 freeway dicing with 80-ton semis, not so much.