CC Outtake: Demilitarized Zone Parking Only


Walking around Denver the other morning I spotted this delightful positioning of two vehicles that both started their original production careers as military vehicles.  Both have since become much more than that in the hearts and minds of their fans.  While both are still extremely capable off-road, their primary mission is obviously urban warfare these days on the mean streets of America’s cities (and suburbs).

Mercedes’ G-Wagen was first developed as a military vehicle following a suggestion by the Shah of Iran in the 1970’s and in the years since has even counted the United States Marine Corps as a customer. Obviously this is a civilian version which like all G-Wagen was built in Graz, Austria by Magna-Steyr for Mercedes. The Jeep is the relatively new four-door version of the Wrangler which has been wildly successful since being introduced and like all Jeep Wranglers is built in Toledo, Ohio.