CC Outtake: Mustang Alley

Mustang Alley

My ’65 Mustang multiplied after I left it in the spectator parking lot at the 2013 Pure Stock Musclecar Drag Race. There’s just no leaving that thing alone.  I actually passed the nice ’69 Sportsroof (with 302 callouts on the hood) earlier in the 175-mile round trip, while the ’03/’04 “Terminator” Cobra and ’85/’86 Fox hatchback both showed up a little later in the day.

If we were drag racing, the Terminator would annihilate its “competition,” packing a 390-horsepower (minimum) supercharged 4.6, and it would likely be a close race among the rest of us.  With 2.79 gears and a C4, a last place finish for me and my beloved family heirloom (COAL coming on Thursday) would not be shocking; but speed isn’t everything, even when one is parked at a drag strip.  So, which interpretation of the classic ponycar do you like best?