CC Outtake: Street Parking At College, circa 1988-1989


I recently came across a small trove of very old pictures that I most likely shot on a Vivitar 35mm Point and Shoot back in the mid to late 80’s.  On a lark, I tried my hand at scanning them in using my Brother MFC scanner function and was surprised at the quality so I will share some here.  These pictures were shot in front of my first apartment while at college in San Luis Obispo, CA and would have been shot between September 1988 and June 1989.  The 2-door Jetta in the foreground is a 1983 model and belonged to one of the sorority girls that lived around the corner.


I was a fan of all things VW/Audi at the time and I really liked this Jetta.  Upgraded with european headlights and the wheels from either specifically a 1985 VW GTI or a 1985-1987 VW Jetta GLI it just “worked” in combination with the Mars red paint and the plaid interior.  I looked it up on the California smog check database and it appears that it was last checked for emissions in the year 2000, so is either no longer on the road, moved out of state or someone changed to a different license plate number.

Check out all of the other cars in the background, this was less than a mile from campus so lots of off-campus parkers and also residents of the surrounding houses and apartments.  This is very typical Central California student transportation of the era with most students coming from either Northern or Southern California, very few out-of-staters at the time.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.