CC Outtake: Street View travelling


The other day I was on a long conference call, mostly just listening. So I put the phone on speaker, muted the receiver and began looking at Google Maps to see what interesting cars were captured. It’s fun to explore places I have lived or visited: West Chester, Pennsylvania; Potsdam, New York; Norfolk, Virginia; or Lincoln, Rhode Island; Mount Vernon, Maine; rural West Virginia; and Edinburgh, Scotland, to name a few. But this was a long call, so I soon moved on to places I’d like to visit. My mother’s grandparents came from southwestern Sweden, so I clicked on a random street near Goteborg (Gothenburg) and did an immediate double-take. A NASCAR Pontiac? Well, Robert Kim has told us about Sweden’s American car scene so maybe not so surprising.

One more click to see if there’s a house to get an idea of how my family lived and…


 …cute house, but what are those fins? Two clicks, two Curbside Classics Trottoarkanten klassiska. Beautiful countryside too. Let’s keep moving.

Car lot

One more click, and look what was behind that bush! Even Eugene doesn’t look like this.

By the way, this really happened just as written–three clicks, eight Curbside Classics.  I tried again at a couple more random locations in Sweden, and found mostly Volvos. I guess I should have bought a Lottery ticket that day…