CC Outtake: Summer’s A Drag

2014-08-03 18.09.18

Americans love their pickup trucks and Indiana is full of them.  So it’s little surprise that the day before I saw a Cummins Diesel Ram hauling Monday’s crushed demo derby Caprice, I found these drag racers being dragged around by their own heavier-duty Chevies.  It’s hard to think of a better activity than drag racing to interrupt the unrelenting calm of the summer months, and with our cooler-than-average season, working on–and showing off–these two classics must be even more rewarding than usual.

2014-08-03 18.09.00

As you can see, we have a later second-gen Camaro and a ’73 Scamp.  Despite near-unanimous love for the new-for-’70 F-body’s styling, the later versions never struck me as particularly beautiful, so this burly example seems perfect for the role.

2014-08-03 18.11.40

So it’s quite perfect that it should find itself outfitted with these Mickey Thompson racing slicks.  The Mopar, on the other hand, has more reasonable tires to match its delicate lines.

2014-08-03 18.10.04

If the Camaro bloodies noses and steals lunch money, the Plymouth is the instigator which tags along and taunts victims before and after such acts, as is appropriate given its name: Scamp.  You’d prefer to avoid it, but it has an innocence which remains visible; tt wouldn’t take much to swap wheels and remove the hood scoop and green paint.

2014-08-03 18.11.59

The interior is less presentable but remains serviceable.  No need for a radio with that ferocious engine under the hood, though; cruising duties have been left to the truck hauling it around.  I didn’t have a chance to inquire about what this car, or the Camaro, has under its hood; the owners were busy inside the Japanese Buffet outside of which I found these parked.

2014-08-03 18.10.50

I could’ve gone inside in search of them and introduced myself by shouting, “Listen up, this will only take a second!” but that would add more excitement to my summer than I’m prepared for.  Better to just make my way to nearby Brown County to watch a night of racing at the local dragway; there’d likely be good CC-scoutin’ in the lot outside.  I know just who to invite as well and I’m pretty sure we’d stick out like sore thumbs, but such is often the case when searching out a new experience.

2014-08-03 18.12.15

Not much to show off inside the Chevy other than dedication to its singular purpose.  It’s interesting that its doors have plastic windows and a bar welded in front of them, while the Plymouth has neither; maybe they each compete in a different class.  It’d be a shame to rip the windows out of the hardtop Scamp, anyway.

2014-08-03 18.10.17

Speaking of class, the Scamp has a bit more of it, reflecting diversity within the drag scene.  That’s not what we really cover here on CC, and I must admit not knowing much about drag racing (or drag balls, or drag queens, or any other kind of drag one could think of).  Hopefully, some of our readers can fill us in on some of the basics and what they can tell just by looking at these two hooligans.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 11.06.16