CC Outtake: Take That, Lincoln Lawyer


It’s said that, when using a car for business, it’s best to drive something which reflects the success of your enterprise.  I’m not sure that a nearly thirty-year-old Vanagon, found in San Diego by some old Columbus, Ohio friends, says a lot about this proprietor, but it’s still a brilliant concept.  I alluded to the expense of divorce in a post last week–how’s this as a four-wheeled solution?  These vans were packaging miracles, and with a table mounted in the middle of the floor and a proper array of paperwork, it could house a very efficient, expedient and mobile means of dissolving a marriage.

Granted, with a Wasserboxer, it might take a while for these people to get to your corner of SoCal, but with what looks to be a fresh catalytic converter, there’s one less reason to pull this VW over.  I can picture a perfect tagline for this service: “Had a bad fight?  Can’t wait for a divorce?  WE’LL come to you!”  Imagine an entire fleet of obscure ’80s people movers, with cheap lawyers in Vanagons, Stanza wagons, and Toyota vans, ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice to end their clients’ trouble in paradise.