CC Outtake: That Rarest Of Vegas

Wapsinonoc-20130920-01156 (800x554)

Quick, what’s the rarest Vega? A Cosworth, you say. No, no. Though rare when new, they have since wound up the most common, being about the only Vega that was saved by collectors. No, I’d say the Vega GT would be considerably rarer today, as their fun-to-drive and worthless-by-1980 factors resulted in most being driven into the ground. But how about a GT wagon?


Yes, this is one of the few, the brave, surviving 1974-77 Vega GT Kammbacks. My uncle found it sitting on the side of the road in rural Iowa with a for sale sign. He would have gotten more pictures, but a less-than-friendly dog convinced him it was prudent to return to his car.

1975 Vega-06 (800x580)

These Vega Kammbacks are a favorite of mine. Yes, I know all about the Vega’s troubles, but it really was a great looking little wagon. And I’d especially like one with the Compaticolor interior shown here: white buckets with blue trim. On a white or black Kammback GT. That would be really sharp! So, is a GT Kammback the rarest Vega? I think so, but let’s be honest: ANY running Vega is a rare survivor in this day and age.

1975 Vega-07