CC Outtake: Unused but not Abandoned Cadillac?

I had to go downtown this morning.

Just north of the core there are many splendid examples of heritage buildings:


As well as many dreary examples of the 1960s and 1970s apartment blocks that replaced whole swaths of them:


Back to the topic at hand, this Cadillac parked under one of said dreary buildings caught my eye.  It looks like it hasn’t moved in quite a while.


Not in ten years according to the license renewal sticker.  Speaking of stickers, the CAA stickers on the GM warp-o-matic plastic panel are an indicator of an elderly owner.


In addition to the GM break-o-matic key hole cover shown above, this example also has the GM break-o-matic plastic bits behind the tail lights.


Maybe I’m being too harsh here, this poor Caddy’s location would make it an easy target for vandals.

A padded vinyl roof, a lot of dust, and a Sedan de Ville logo.  This type was built from 1977-1984, it seems the changes are easier to spot from the front so I have no idea what year this is.  Any ideas?  I couldn’t get an interior shot due to the dust.


Now there’s an old school snow tire.  All four tires held air, which I can’t imagine happening on it’s own over ten years so I’d guess that someone has been pumping them up occasionally.

I’m not much of a Cadillac person, but with a good wash this wouldn’t be completely terrible because it’s mostly been out of the elements.  This car is definately unused, but not totally abandoned.