CC Outtakes: Self-Inflicted Ageism

I came across this W140 a little while back and thought to myself; wow – a late model MB and its already been trashed. Then I took a hold of my senses and realised this car is probably more than twenty years old. It was launched in 1991, around the time I started owning cars, and back then my desired rides were only twenty years old themselves.

So now the cars I love to own are getting on to 50 years old, and the challenges facing ownership of such wonders have compounded. CC is a pretty unique environment; both contributors and commenters are brought together by an absolute devotion to classic cars (et al.), but the rose-coloured glasses are easily removed in discussion. There’s really no place for a rigid adherence to fetishism here – which I think goes to the foresight and broadmindedness of our host as we sit on his porch for a chat. We may not always agree with each other, but damn the conversation here is good. As for getting old, what’s past is prologue.

Shame to see this car as it is today. I wonder if it will ever be returned to its former glory.