CC Question: How Long Is Your List?

My List

This list was created one afternoon in April 1993.  Being bored, when I should have been studying for a college exam, I sat down and created “My List”.

What is “My List”?  It is a listing of all the vehicles I had driven by this fateful day at age 19 years, 7 months.  While this is only the first page, it took two and one-half pages, totaling 57 vehicles.  That was long before full-on adulthood and going to work.

If I had to guess now, my list is probably around 500 or so, only in part due to my brief time as a fleet manager.

1983 Chrysler-Plymouth-05

It’s almost strictly American iron, such as an ’83 Plymouth Reliant,

1974 Oldsmobile-16

a ’74 Oldsmobile Delta 88,


and my ’63 Ford Galaxie.

1928 Ford-03

There’s even a Ford Model A – a real sweetheart to drive.

So the question is:  How long is your list?  Guesstimates are just fine.