CC Outtake: Well, It Is The Most Popular Car Color (And Here’s The Other Top Nine)

CC 187 027 900

(written before yesterday’s all red car post…)  By now you all well know my proclivity for white cars, although I admit it works better on some than on others. But the statistics don’t lie: white was the top color in 2012, and took over from silver a few years back. Why? you might be surprised:

apple iPhone-4HD-white

Blame it on Steve Jobs, whose white Apple products brought in a sea change from all the silver cell phones and such that were once so dominant. As was silver paint on cars.

Tesla Model-S-white-front-right-view-1024x640

I will very safely go out on a limb and say that that white is undoubtedly the top color on the the hottest new car of the year too, the Tesla S. White makes up 23% of new cars sold in the US, and 24% in the world.

Tesla -model-s-fd

And black is the second most popular color, both on the Tesla S as well as all new cars in 2012. A spokesperson from DuPont says that “white and black are seen as denoting status”.  So that explains why I’ve liked white cars, ever since 1972. I’m so desperate…

Yellow 0x600

But fear not, lovers of colors; yellow is up to number eight.

Bentley Continental GT Spped green

And green is number nine. (silver, gray, red, blue, and brown/beige take number 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7).

2013 Chevrolet Spark

By the time one gets to number ten, it’s less than 1% of the market, so everything else gets lumped in with it, like this Techno Pink Spark. So will it be pink for you?