CC Question: What Car Do You Still Wish You Had?

1975 Ford Thunderbird-02-03

We have all owned cars we still wish we had.  The ’75 Thunderbird I had is definitely one I wish I had kept, but at the time it only made sense to sell it.

I had purchased it from the original owners in 1993 for the princely sum of $600.  It was a Copper Luxury Group car, identical to the one above, except mine had leather seats!  I’m not a Brougham fanatic, however I do see the appeal from the comfort angle.  This car was as quiet as a church mouse, a real isolation chamber, and was like driving a 5,000 pound La-Z-Boy recliner.  It’s 460 had been lovingly massaged and ran fabulous.  I loved that car.

tbird paperwork

So much, in fact, I still have the paperwork from when it was purchased new.

Thinking back, which car do you still wish you had?