CC Update: The More Things Change, The More They Will Remain The Same

After Paul’s eloquent handing over of the keys the other day, I was pondering if or what I should say and have decided that we do owe you, the readers, a brief update.  I’ve been a reader of CC since the beginning and also of the time before at the other site, as was JP Cavanaugh and I believe Jason Shafer as well, and we all somehow ended up writing for CC, which perhaps was inevitable.  We all enjoy the format the way it has been and do not anticipate any major changes; in fact we’d prefer if you weren’t even really aware that some of the names at the top of the masthead have changed.  While Paul announced this a couple of days ago, we’ve been running things for almost the last couple of weeks now, hopefully it’s been fairly transparent.

The way we view this transition is really as more of a placeholder of indeterminate length.  Should Paul decide to re-enter the workforce at some point in his retirement, we intend that CC will be here and just like stepping back into a comfortable pair of boots and are totally okay with that if it should occur.

Change is scary, and we are all resistant to it.  But change can also be due to progress, and CC really has been a work in progress from the beginning.  First just cars from the curb, then Cars Of A Lifetime, then the odd Rental Car Review and AutoShow, and now we are at the point where we are also semi-regularly reviewing new vehicles as well as covering some industry news and developments.  When you think about it, all the Curbside Classics that we love were new at one time and all new vehicles will eventually be Curbside Classics as well.  So this is natural.  That being said, we are striving to keep a balance between old and new and everything in between.  I have always loved how when I’d click on the website I would have no idea if the newest article would be about a Chevy or a Honda or a BMW or even a train or a bicycle or maybe even a plane or a farm implement!  And that’s what has made it exciting, fun, and an honor to write for this publication.

But seriously, it’s also been a collaboration since the beginning.  This site is bigger than one person and is more than one person can (and should) handle; JP, Jason, and I all have other obligations and commitments as well.  CC is a fairly well-oiled machine with a few squeaks and rattles but the more of us that all crowd under the hood, the better we can fettle it.  We’ve always welcomed reader submissions (which is what we all were to begin with) and continue to encourage that.  It’s been amazing to have people actually read, comment and even occasionally agree with my opinions!  I’m sure Jason and JP feel the same.  If you’re interested, let us know and we can figure out how to get you started.  And if you are already doing it, a huge “Thank You!” is in order.  And if not, no worries, we’re happy and occasionally still slightly amazed that you want to come here to read our stuff.

So that’s it in a nutshell. The goal is to keep going and have it be pretty much the same as it ever was; reading your comments from the other day made it obvious how much you, our readers, like this big tent the way it is.  Why mess with a good thing?

Thank You,

Jim Klein along with Jason Shafer and JP Cavanaugh