CC Vinyl: ‘The Man From Hong Kong’ Soundtrack


Today’s CC Vinyl took me a long, long time to find. The soundtrack for this Hong Kong Australian co-production was only ever released in Japan and is quite rare. It features a fantastic title track -‘Sky High’ by Jigsaw – and is supplemented by sound library-style chase and mood music by Noel Quinlan. And, despite its mediocre artwork, it has cars on the sleeve.


Here we have a VK Valiant Charger and what I think is meant to be an HK Holden. The van as it appears in the in the film is a Commer and there’s also some motorcycle action.

As well as some sexy action.


Apparently this was written for Bruce Lee, but Jimmy Wang Yu got the job instead. He found himself hand-to-hand against badguy George Lazenby channelling a Bond who’d quit Her Majesty’s Secret Service years ago and joined the darkside to keep earning. I wish they’d used this artwork on the cover of the soundtrack.

For those of you with a lazy afternoon to fill, here is the whole movie. But be warned – it’s in a style known as Ozploitation; that is to say, not quite Eric Rohmer.

If you’re just wanting some car chase, here’s seven minutes of squealing down the mountain where our hero commandeers the Charger to capture an XW Ford Falcon with occasional guest stars such as this EJ Holden.

And here is the title track.

What makes the Japanese pressing so special is that it features a unique version of ‘Sky High’. The cut from the Jigsaw album was a great start, but some super-climactic string and brass reworking by occasional Paul McCartney collaborator Richard Hewson lifts it to a whole new level. The best James Bond song that never was.

Enjoy the hang gliding footage over 1970s Hong Kong, or have a listen while you keep reading CC.