Classic Home Improvement – Who Needs Pickups Anymore?


Alright, maybe I’m being a bit facetious with that title – This morning I rolled into the Lowe’s parking lot to pick up some steel wool and caulk for a house I’m working on and saw another Porsche so I parked mine next to it.  Then it struck me that these are fairly unlikely vehicles to be seen in this lot no matter what the Porsche commercials may say about picking up mulch with your 911…

I looked inside the other one (964 C4 model, not sure of the year since it seems to have the early style wheels but the late style door mirrors but produced between 1989 and 1994) and noticed that he had a construction level in his back seat so maybe he’s not just looking at paint swatches.  In any case, it’s good to see these cars used as everyday transportation and not just garage queens.  While mine is still filthy from the last time I went to Steamboat Springs and I have been too busy to take the snow tires off it, the 964 was hardly pristine either with some duct tape on a window frame, a very faded rear center tail light reflector section and overall looking a bit like the used car it is.


The 964 is the generation of 911 that I originally always wanted but in the end I got mine after reading lots about all of the different variants.  I love mine, but when I was looking there were a couple of 964’s for about the same price.  In the meantime those have appreciated at least 50% from that time, while mine has likely dropped a bit.  No matter, I’m getting lots of use out of it and enjoying myself, so I’m just glad that others are enjoying their cars as well and not afraid to use them for everyday tasks.