COAL: The Pink 1958 Buick And I – Brand New For 1958; A Lifetime Of Buicks

Text and photos submitted by Ted Mathis.

A recent discovery of 35mm slides my father took stretching back over 70 years ago has provided our family with priceless memories of trips made, vacations we had, places we lived, and loved ones from so many years ago.

As well as Buicks my dad owned.

Here is his beautiful green over teal 1954 Buick. What model? I do not know.

I often tell people I wasn’t born in Texas, but I was conceived here. In early 1958 my family was living in San Antonio. I’m not sure what month they moved to Little Rock, but on June 14, 1958, I made a grand appearance in Arkansas.

My mother and newborn me.

My two older brothers. A Radio Flyer. An Arkansas Traveler boat with a Johnson outboard. And the pink Buick.


I had always heard, but never remembered Dad owning a pink Buick back then, but he did. A few slides show this beautiful pink and white 1958 Buick.

My three older brothers and the pink Buick in Texarkana in 1959.

I also know, as I remember Dad later had a 1962 Buick LeSabre.

Another picture of the LeSabre is when it appears photo bombing this 1951 Plymouth, which was our second car.

Dad kept that LeSabre until 1968 when he traded it in on a used 1965 4-door Wildcat. I wish I knew what engine was in the Wildcat but the internet tells me the base engine was a 325-hp, 401-cid, nailhead V-8. Optional engines included a 425-cid V-8 that produced 340 hp, and a 425-cid Super Wildcat V-8 that generated 360 hp. Whatever was under the hood of our Wildcat made for a very fast family sedan.

I, aged 4 weeks. My mother. Our pink Buick.


But anyway, back to the pink Buick. I can tell that it is, like me, a 1958 model. Does anything define a true mid-century classic like a ‘58 pink Buick? Or is the teal ‘54 Buick more to your liking?

After the Wildcat Dad bought a 1970 Mercury Monterey instead of a Buick. However, in 1977 he once again bought another LeSabre.

1977 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan, image from the full-line brochure.


And then for some reason, my dad quit on Buicks. His final 2 cars were Chevrolet Caprice Classics. A 1984 model and a 1989.

I wish I knew more about my father, but I know his appreciation for his Buicks will always stay with me.


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