COAL Clue: Are You Better At This Than Jason Shafer?

Tomorrow will feature my last (for now) Cars Of A Lifetime post, as I am once again up to date.  Thank you for bearing with me for the last almost eleven months.  What a long, strange trip it’s been!  Above is a COAL Clue for you to ponder before seeing the actual item in the virtual flesh tomorrow morning.

I tried to give Jason Shafer a sneak preview almost six months ago by sending him the same image posted above.  He has tried repeatedly over that time to figure it out even though I very generously provided further clues.  Alas, he failed, although there were some very good guesses (and good future COAL candidate possibilities) along the way.  I’ll give you the same opportunities…

First, as I told him regarding the above:

1. It is the exterior color, but in a very close up format.  And with a layer of schmutz.

2. It is a factory color

3. The color appears slightly too dark and a bit too red above, it is difficult to photograph accurately.  And I have no idea how your screen settings will skew it.  Yeah, I know that doesn’t make it easier.

He was way off the mark with his guesses. So I gave him more hints, which you shall receive as well:

1. The vehicle is not brand new, but only slightly used.

2. The color was only available for one model year and it was a delayed availability color at that.

The resulting guesses were still shy of the mark.

A couple of weeks later, after I told him I had sold the Mercedes GL450 and was lamenting how much I had spent on fuel for it, he asked if the new one gets better gas mileage.  The answer is yes, it does.

The second to last hint I will share with you as well since Jason was getting concerned that it was a regionally limited edition or something and started randomly guessing at 1985 Mercury Topaz GT’s (as if!) and the like is that it is not a rare vehicle at all, nor is it an obscure variant or edition.

And finally, the brand (i.e. the marque listed on the registration) is older than Jason Shafer.

He’s had six months to figure it out.  You have about 24 hours, I think you can do it…See you tomorrow, same Bat-place, same Bat-channel!