COAL: Throwback Thursday

Can someone help identify these cars? Thought you all might have fun with these shots!

These pictures are apparently taken at the same time, of my mother in law, her younger sister, and their parents.

Both pictures are labelled “1949 Pontiac”. But, I don’t know if that is a reference to the date and location, or the vehicle make and model. I know Pa worked in Detroit around this time. He was too old to be drafted, but he found very lucrative work at the Naval Base in Alameda, California during WWII. And, he worked in GM plants in the Detroit area too, before returning to our mid-Atlantic home base in the early 1950’s.

My mother in law’s parents and her younger sister are all deceased, and my mother in law doesn’t remember this setting.

I wonder if the caption is really meant to be “Pontiac, Michigan, 1949” but the makes and models of the cars shown might help deduce that.

I think 1949 for the date of the shot is about right based upon the sizes of the children.

Illuminate me!