Cohort Capsule: 1972 Mercury Montego GT – Look What The Cat Dragged In


Since we’re on the topic of seldom seen curbside classics, this find seems especially relevant.  The CC Effect might not count in reference to a photo taken four years ago, but dave_7’s shot of this 1972 Montego GT, one of the earliest uploads to the cohort, is among the first pictures I came across today (it can be fun to scan the pages starting from the beginning). A perfect complement to the Cougar wagons, only 5,820 were made its first year, with 4,464 rolling off the line for 1973. With its first-year bumpers, fastback roof and hood scoops, it’s an uncommon look among second-generation Mercury intermediates.

1972 Mercury-13

Meant as the sporty offering in the brand’s midsize line-up, the GT’s true nature is revealed by those hips (which don’t lie).  This full-framed cruiser was no Cyclone, but you may expect that ol’ pig nose here, with those nostrils on its hood, may have been ordered with the Cyclone Performance Package, an option package for two-door hardtops and fastbacks with both the 351 Cobra Jet and 429.


Equipped with a limited slip differential, functional hood scoops and special trim (and a four-speed for the smaller engine), it allowed for the production of 249 horsepower and 299 lb-ft of torque from the smaller engine with 205 and 322, respectively, from the 429.  Still, it’s most likely this car has the 302 2V; according to Hemmings, only 29 Montego GTs were ordered with the performance package.  That’s still more than the single MX Cyclone made–if it still exists, it would be the ultimate find.