Cohort Outtake: That Thing Got A Hemi?

Screenshot 2014-09-13 17.42.07

When the Panther’s rugged frame and proven mechanicals don’t convey the necessary prestige for your funeral home, one option is to hack on a Chrysler 300’s front end, fenders and lower door skins.  That path, taken for this conversion, almost looks natural and SoCalMetro, who caught this and last week’s Epsilon Malibu hearse, speculated the Chrysler LX chassis was the basis for this car.  Yet as we see, the tumblehome and windshield match those of the big Ford.  After all, convincingly modifying the upper half of a car would be nearly impossible.  Still, an honest effort was made to emulate the Chrysler as much as possible, with its side mirrors looking right at home in the Ford’s window frames.  Someone clearly loved the previous 300 enough to have this done, even though the real thing was out of reach.  What’s Spanish for, “When there’s a will, there’s a way?”