Cohort Outtake: Nissan Ghostfinder – Art Imitating Art


…though that would depend on one’s definition of art.  Do playful decals count as art?  Does Ghostbusters?  Well, WilliamRubano might argue that they do, and I wouldn’t disagree.  And where better than New York (where he takes most of his pictures) to turn this white SUV into an homage to that ’80s legend?


It would appear the owner of this Pathfinder isn’t the only person so inspired.  One google search and you’ll find a number of replicas of the famous Cadillac ambulance used in the 1984 blockbuster, some obviously better than others.  This Citroen DS, oddly enough, is the best I’ve found so far, having both an ambulance body and bechromed late ’50s style.

ghostbusters car (2)

This Sable wagon is more Ghostbusters 2 inspired and with its rims, somewhat inappropriate for the role.  Some dogdishes from a police package Taurus would be better.


This Caprice’s wheels on the other hand, are much better suited for chasing the paranormal through New York’s streets, as is the entire car, in its full-framed GM glory.  The other mods, like the air intake in the hood and the Impala SS grille, are much less charming.


With the lack of popular station wagons made in recent years, a Ghostbusters made today would either feature an SUV (as above) or a Subaru like the one pictured here.  This doesn’t really have the same impact as the Caddy, but you have to give credit where it’s due.


…and here we have Paul’s version (just kidding!).  There are so many more results that turned up which I won’t bother sharing; it’ll be easy to do a search of your own and see how widely the Ghostbusters car has inspired nerds everywhere.  What famous movie vehicle would you want to copy?