Cohort Outtake: Opel Corsa Sedan – Worst Three-Box Adaptation Ever?


It’s never fun to admit not knowing of a mainstream car’s existence, but I actually never knew the first generation Opel Corsa came as a sedan.  Thanks to LDeren who found this well-worn example resting on a Finnish street, though, we can take it all in.


Not so pretty, is she?  Nevertheless it’s interesting to see what might have been if GM decided to sell its European subcompact here since we’d have certainly gotten a three-box version.  Instead we got the Sprint and Spectrum, both available with turbos.  By the time this face lifted four-door was built in the early ’90s (the first Corsa was built between 1982 and 1993), Americans were abandoning B-segment cars at a rapid pace, but we do get one of this car’s grand daughters here today as the Sonic. As then, be sure to pick the five-door, preferably with the turbo.