Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1954 Chevrolet 3600 Truck – Placid Advanced Design

Photos by J.C. from the Cohort.

This is a rather tranquil-looking “Advanced Design” Chevy truck, found in a setting that’s quite fitting. In a placid, yet business-like environment. It mixes the idea of both worlds, the rural and the industrial. A good combination to see around this “Advanced Design” Chevy truck, in its final “bull-nose” year.

The “Advanced Design” trucks arrived in ’47 and have gotten a good deal of attention at CC before. Suffice it to say that Chevy’s new trucks offered a degree of modernity unparalleled in the segment. The many ideas and innovations that GM had been playing with through WWII materialized all at once in this product.

Chevrolet was to launch a new truck line in 1955; the equally revolutionary “Task Force” models. Yet, corporate heads found it worthy to update the “Advanced Design” for its last outing. A revised face with chunky detailing graced the ’54s, and if we go by these Chuck Jordan sketches, the “bull-nose” grille takes quite a bit from his suggestions.

The ’54s had a number of relevant updates besides the new face. The one-piece curved windshield and round tail lights were the most notable ones on the exterior. Further updates included a revised steering wheel and a new dashboard. Under the hood was Chevy’s 235 in. inline-six and the Hydramatic became available for the first time as an option.

This period of Chevy/GMC trucks left a lasting legacy and is fondly remembered to this day. Competitors emulated its innovations, while other GM subsidiaries would keep using them as a foundation for years to come.


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