Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1969-74 Ford Escort MK1 – Under The Greek Sun

Photos from the Cohort by L. Seddon

One disappointment when I visited the Old Continent in the early ’00s, was the little amount of old metal to be found. Lots of fairly new Peugeots, Seats, and whatnot, which was fun in its own way, but it wasn’t all I expected to see. The old rides I hoped for were instead really hard to come by. Yet, the few that appeared I remember well. That’s the positive side of built-up expectations.

Here’s one of those rare apparitions, a very early Escort, found on the island of Kefalonia in Greece. Even rarer, it seems to be a daily driver (according to the uploader), in fairly stock -though not necessarily original- condition. No reason was given for the granny sheets that cover the top. Maybe to protect the car from the summer heat?

Regardless, it’s great to see an old-timer like this working as originally intended.

Roger Carr already covered the Escort’s story of success in detail (link below). In short, thanks to Ford’s rally wins with the model, the Escort found that sweet spot where it was both a family-friendly hauler and a hot performer. A desirable buy in the public’s imagination. Ford astutely played with both identities, and the Escort is revered by loyalists to this day.

Now I only wish I had seen one for real. Maybe it’s time for another visit, and see if I have better luck in a second going.


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