Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1971 Buick Riviera – The Boattail Visits Japan

This ’71 Riviera was at the Cohort, found in Japan by Jerome Solberg. I think it’s pretty well known that Japan is among the largest consumers of seafood, so why wouldn’t they appreciate the sea-inspired shape of the ’71-’73 Riviera?

While this Riviera is in pretty decent shape, there are some odd blemishes on the paintwork. Though from this view, you wouldn’t notice much of it.

The blemishes start to appear on the hood and are quite evident on the passenger’s side. For some reason, their color and pattern remind me somewhat of Koi fish. What’s more, the missing grille and headlight surround seem to suggest gills on this Buick.

Want more sea imagery? Our Buick happens to sit in front of a seafood restaurant.

Maybe my Koi fixation started with an uncle of mine in LA, who was infatuated with them for a short while. He spent thousands tending to them and obsessing over their patterns, which is what made them valuable – or so he told me. And in our Cohort Riviera, if the blemishes keep spreading, the Koi fish look will be complete.

Unlike fish, odd spots and blemishes don’t add much value to a car. In any case, I don’t think this Riviera has much to worry about. The Japanese love sea creatures and I’m sure this boattail is in fine company.


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