Cohort Pic(K) Of The Day: 1974 Dodge Charger SE – Before And After

Matt Wilda recently captured this ’74 Charger SE at the Cohort. A project in the midst of eventual completion? A long-term labor of love?

If one is not a purist, the fun of a ’74 Charger in stripped condition is to imagine the different possibilities at play. Will the owner restore the SE’s original brougham goodies? Or turn it into a clean looking silhouette? And what would you do in his place?

Of the Chargers, the SE was the broughamiest of the lot. Base price was $3,742, and production total ended up being 30,957 for that year. As the brochure claims, Charger SE owners were a ‘breed apart.’ All SEs carried V-8 power, and HP went from 150 in the ‘lowly’ 318, to as much as 275 in the 440. Which one lurks in our gray primer SE?

Of course, the SE came with all the accruements popular at the time: landau vinyl top, six opera windows, electric clock, deluxe wheel covers, Rallye instrument cluster, folding center armrest, the works. If you wish to see a more detailed account on the model, follow CC’s previous post here.

Well, turns out Matt posted the final result a few days later; looking clean, bright and purposeful. And what’s that on the window?

Turns out love was for sale all this time? Never mind, glad to see an oldie rescued. Any takers out there?

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