Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: ’76 – ’77 Chevy Vega – A Nice Looking One

When a Vega is found nowadays, they tend to appear as car show queens (mostly the Cosworth version), or in junked condition. William Garrett at the Cohort found this ’76-’77 one, looking much better than junk, but not being car show pristine. An average looker, the way it would have appeared at some point, with a bit of love showing in the form of rims and a respray.

I’m glad there are still some Vegas on the streets, specially in curbside-worthy condition. Not that I can’t forget its sinful past, for it’s a notorious one. Can sins ever be forgiven? In the case of the Vega, I don’t think so. But Christian teaching tells us to love the sinner, and this Vega’s owner agrees with that philosophy of life.

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