Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: VW Bus Camper Trailer – Peculiar Land Yacht

Photos by robadr, from the Cohort.

It’s been a while since we showcased automotive creative impulses seen at the Cohort, so I may as well highlight this VW Bus camper trailer concoction. As usual, the ever-adaptable VWs from the air-cool era provide a blank canvas for crafty folks. Unbolt, toss the engine and transmission, and screw the remains back together according to new wishes.

Ok, I’m making it sound easier than it actually is. But we all know old VWs are about the easiest things to transform into a new creation. And in this case, if the internet doesn’t lie, this one belongs to a bike enterprise from Vancouver; LandYachtz. Makes sense. Those folk must be rather handy with wrenches, blowtorches, and whatnot. A good bunch to play with old auto parts.

I believe this VW Bus camper trailer works not only as crew transport but also as a display for the company’s products at street fairs and such. If so, I’m all for multiple uses. The one question I have is, why turn the bus around? With the cockpit towards the back?

I see; to have a nice airy view while riding (Update: Nope, can’t do. It’s illegal to do so). Or to have more space to spread the legs and recline during stops? But how to open the windows? And aren’t those suicide doors now? None of this makes much sense, nor does it seem to be well worked out.

In any case, these old buses are quite spacious and accommodating. I’ve spent time inside a few, and if properly arranged, can have a nice homely feeling. I’m not entirely sold on this mutilation adaptation, but who am I to curtail people’s creative impulses? After all, my automotive memories would be far less interesting without such creations.