Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day – When Did You Last See A Hillman Hunter In Service?

The lucky dip of the CC Cohort strikes again –  RoveraNotario has spotted not one but two Hillman Hunters in Peru. The Hunter, sold in North America as the Sunbeam Arrow, was the Rootes Group’s last family sized car before the Chrysler takeover. It was first launched in 1966, and was badge engineered into Singer and Humber forms, and was also the basis for the Sunbeam Rapier (Alpine GT) coupe with its Barracuda inspired looks.

Both these cars show the 1976 model year facelift, with a larger chintzy grille and on the saloon a complimentary full with trim panel. But as the 1966 Ford Cortina had been replaced twice by then, I guess even cash strapped Chrysler UK had to do something, anything.

At one time this car accounted for 7% of the UK car market; the UK stock of Hunters in now down to a few hundred and when I was preparing a Rootes reminiscence two years ago I had to use a photo of a car from an old auction listing. But I was contacted by the lady who bought it subsequently, so that one’s probably doing OK.

Best get a ticket to Peru?

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