Cohort Pic(k)s Of The Day: 1996 Toyota Camry Wagon & 1999 Ford Taurus Wagon – Wagons From the ’90s

Here are two wagons from the ’90s, uploaded by canadiancatgreen at the Cohort. Both belong to the best-selling models of the decade; the Camry and the Taurus. Only an Accord is missing to complete the trifecta of midsize-sales heavy weights.

However, the ’90s was an era of waning fortunes for station wagons. While the Camry sold by truckloads through the decade, 1996 was the last year its wagon version would be available in North America. A new Camry would arrive in ’97, sans wagon.

The ’97 Camry would enter the sales ring against the 3rd gen. Ford Taurus. The new for 1996 fish-face restyle was rather controversial in its day, and eventually placed it third of the pack even if selling in decent numbers. For 1999 that meant 368K total, against the Accord’s 404K and the Camry’s 445K.

The sales race between these nameplates was something of a ’90s thing, and seeing these two brings me serious flashbacks. Maybe I should look for some of my old CDs from that time; something with a ‘fish’ theme like Hootie and the Blowfish would be ideal.


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