Cohort Sighting: 1967 Pontiac Bonneville – Topless And Terrified

Screenshot 2014-06-03 11.53.37

Williamrubano recently posted pictures from his visit to a rather interesting lot of scrapped cars, and the first set of these I’d like to share is of this ’67 Bonneville convertible. Pontiac set styling trends at the lower end of the market throughout the 1960s, and although its star was fading by the end of the decade, the front end of the 1967 is a favorite of mine.

Screenshot 2014-06-03 11.52.20

I’m pretty sure that the pre-loop bumper cars are more highly regarded.  It wouldn’t be the only time my aesthetic sensibilities have run afoul of conventional wisdom, but what can I say; the combination Endura/loop styling complements the rest of the car’s coke-bottle shape, while the ’65 and ’66 styling echoed the themes more appropriate to the earlier bodystyle’s crisper lines.  If the Grand Prix was widely judged to appear bloated by this time, the exposed headlights on more pedestrian full-size models provide some relief from all the soft contours on display.


If past owners of this particular Bonneville convertible have appreciated its unique-for-1967 look, it would appear not have had much bearing on the treatment it has received more recently.  It looks to have been more of less complete aside from its missing top and if that’s what sent it to the tiny urban boneyard behind this shop (in front of which is a rather well-kept 1970 Catalina coupe), I wish someone would’ve taken the ten dollars and ten minutes to anchor a tarp in place.  If the owner is willing to let it go for cheap, which would be the right thing to do, someone should rescue this imperiled classic.

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