Cohort Sighting: 1977 Mercury Monarch – Outlasting Its Namesake

Mercury Monarch2

AGuyInVancouver spotted this Mercury Monarch sitting on the street in very clean shape.  Actually, with all its trim intact, its condition is rather remarkable as it apparently is subjected to the hazards daily use like scrapes, tree sap, etc. and the paint and vinyl show it to be a thirty-seven year old survivor.

Mercury Monarch

As far as I can see, the C in “Monarch” is the only piece of trim missing.  I recently saw a battered, daily driver Granada coupe, and saw far more of these than any Pintos or full-size LTDs as a kid in the ’80s, so perhaps these were robust cars. And unlike the butterfly which shares its name, this particular Mercury is far from extinct. How much longer do you expect it will last?