Cohort Sighting: Pay Attention Edition


It was pointed out that in posting the picture of the decal featured in yesterday’s Cohort Sighting, I missed the more important subject of KiwiBryce’s photo.  So here is the car it was attached to–a 1958 Buick Special–in its full glory.

In 1958, the Special nameplate was living out its final year attached to the lowest-trim level of the standard (full) size Buick.  As most of us know, it reappeared three years later on a radically different car.

I must confess that the reason I didn’t even notice the actual car in yesterday’s photo was because the popular designs of the era have rarely interested me.  As an enthusiast, it’s almost embarrassing to admit, but my usual thoughts upon seeing such a car are, “Big 1950s car, nothing to see here.”

For people similarly unfamiliar with ’50s GM, the various restyling and re-engineering efforts are difficult to fully pin-down, especially with drastic yearly styling changes and substantial differences between each division’s interpretation of a platform.  The standard sized Buicks, however, have been covered here and here, with the latter example doing much to expand my understanding of good taste.