Cohort Sighting: Ranchero And El Camino – Mutual Respect

Screenshot 2014-07-30 14.53.32

These two has-been rivals were spotted out on the Great Plains by jmg3rd during a rare moment of harmony.  Like spotting Larry Bird and Magic Johnson out on the town together, one can imagine the years having softened any obvious animosity the two share in favor of appreciation of the great deal they have a lot in common.  Wearing the same basic fashion, with similar proportions, you can almost imaging them discussing the more memorable events of their long-gone heyday.

Screenshot 2014-07-30 14.54.10

You couldn’t choose a better backdrop for these images, either; it’s all very Last Picture Show.  Despite such an unrelentingly flat landscape, someone took the care to park the two under some trees, helping provide much-needed shade.  Given the provisions made for their comfort and rust free condition, they could be doing much worse in retirement.  What do imagine they’re saying to each other?  Do they mock today’s pickups for their technological overkill as someone might criticize their grandchildren’s fixation on glowing LCD screens?  Do they deride the gigantic wheels on other cars as someone might mock the footwear chosen by today’s youth?  Or do they perhaps still bristle at one another’s company?

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