Cohort Sighting: Life On Mars Film Shoot, Take Two

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.11.26

On Friday, I showed you some photos Triborough had posted to the Cohort of cars spotted during a Brooklyn shoot for Life on Mars.  Because I’d only shared a small portion of these, it made sense to put up a couple more.  Readers, if you haven’t already looked in the Cohort, do so now; there is an endless variety of cars on display in its pages, with more added daily.

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.09.20

Here is a fine example of the last year for Satellite convertibles.  I think a good job was done by the stylists, merging the old boxy style with the smoother shapes coming out of Mopar studios…

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.03.53

…which are evidenced nicely on this 1974 Charger.

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.08.36

This Fairlane makes for a prettier black FoMoCo coupe than the Cougar at the top of the page, wouldn’t you say?

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.09.05

And again we have two generations of the same manufacturer’s midsize two-door.  This time, it’s GM’s A-body, with this 71 Chevelle SS…

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.06.29

…compared to this better looking ’65 Cutlass.

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.05.50

And of course, we have this shot, showing the hubbub that accompanies a professional shoot.