Cohort Sighting: The Coupe, Put Into Perspective

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This 1960 Studebaker Silver Hawk isn’t the first car spotted in this stunning location by Passin’Gas, but it’s a fitting backdrop for a coupe with such a dramatic presence.  Judging by the height of the parking meter, these were low cars (and forgive my lack of familiarity; these aren’t exactly swarming around), helping exaggerate every one of their approximately two hundred inches of length.  Without this viewpoint, I might be inclined to think the Golden Hawk to be a bit taller, and less lengthy.


Ah, but what’s this?  The Honda CRZ, another (deservedly) uncommon car, helping put the Stude’s dimensions into perspective; would you guess that it’s shorter by about forty inches?  Starting with the hardpoints of a monospace-influenced supermini isn’t the best way to make a sleek commuter and while raising the tail may aid aerodynamics, even if it manages to flatter the resulting shape (it doesn’t), it’s best when viewed in isolation.


If that is not possible, it’s best photographed with the lower, more lithe car in the foreground.  This is kind to both subjects, making the Studebaker appear somewhat more imposing and the Honda, less bloated.  Again, it would appear the photographer went out of his or her way to crouch for this shot.  Capturing a car like this merits that sort of effort, but it may not be as necessary without the juxtaposition with the car directly behind it.


Of course, when all other attempts at flattery fail, it’s best to try and block out the offending party.  Studebaker, this is what we in 2014 America call a photobomb.

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