Cohort Sighting: The Solution To Too Much Chevy


CJMuller has come across the work of some North Carolina artists who’ve had their fill of what seems to have begun life as a ’55 Chevy.  Their solution appears to be an elegant one and it’s a lot easier to support the cutting up of a sixty-year old classic when the results are as smooth as this.  The intersection of the rear quarter window and the front door is particularly beautiful.  The whole result almost looks rational, until your eyes get halfway down the door where you notice the close together the wheels are and the mismatched height of the trim.  But otherwise, if there’s any substance to the idea that these Chevies were right-sized, the proof is in how close-to-normal this hackjob looks.  If one were to remove the area between the B and C pillars in a ’71 Impala hardtop, overall look would be grotesque.


Luckily for us, there was another similarly modified Tri-Five posted to the cohort yesterday and this ’57 Chevy wagon received the same treatment, though it went though a much more menacing transformation, with enormous rear tires, racing wheels and a bumper-ectomy.  It looks quite the business in red, but if it were otherwise kept stock, it could almost (almost) pass muster as another stock variant since the proportions work so well and because the overhangs are short enough.  I’m sure both this red wagon and the pink coupe both attract plenty of attention wherever they go, likely earning their owners much respect, even though they’re not exactly orthodox.  That’s because they’re not only the result of hard work and attention to detail, but are also an expression of genuine talent.