COMG: Cars of My Girlfriends-1965 Chevy Impala Convertible

1965 Impala SS convertible

In my earlier posting on the cars of my girlfriends I omitted the car my first girlfriend drove, a new 1965 Chevy Impala convertible. Actually it was her mother’s car, but mommy was always happy to let me have the car to squire Barbie Baby around Ft. Smith whenever I was in town. What more could a hormonal teenager want than a nubile, beautiful, willing, and ah, intelligent young woman and an Impala convertible?

Barbie’s Impala was pretty much as illustrated above (but not an SS)-Danube blue with a medium metallic blue Naugahyde interior with a white top. 250 horse 327 with a Powerslide. Even with the Powerglide the car moved effortlessly and quietly. It wasn’t a performance car, it was for stylin, boulevarding, and cruising. And with a bench front seat, a great was to travel with your honey cuddling up next to you.


1965 Impala Convertible Interior

The interior was nicely appointed with mainly soft-touch surfaces. I don’t recall any painted surfaces-maybe the bottom of the dash, but otherwise it was a cozy cocoon of vinyl and nylon. The four-speed shifter in the red interior is interesting. My guess is that not too many Impala convertibles were built this way. A friend of mine at school ordered a 1965 Impala Sport Coupe with a four-speed and a 283, no less. Burgundy with a black vinyl interior. Sweet ride.

Keep the truth from me

The dash was informative if all you were looking for was speed, elapsed miles, fuel level, and what AM station you were listening to. In Arkansas that would have been KAAY in Little Rock during the day, and WLS in Chicago at night. Oh, and there was a big badge on the glovebox door with “IMPALA” scribed on it in case you had forgotten what model of car you were driving.

Sweet dreams

If you bought a 1965 Impala you weren’t alone. Over a million other like-minded buyers did the same thing that year.


Barbie Baby at HS graduation party