Curbside Capsule: 2007 Honda Fit House Car – I’d Fit, You’d Fit, We’d Probably All Fit!

If this car looks a wee bit familiar, don’t worry, it’s (probably) not parked on your street.  You likely last saw it as the lead image in Jason Shafer’s recap of the Midwest Meetup from earlier in the fall.  He didn’t expound on it then but I had more pictures of it and figured the time is right.

This sighting took place a few hours after I had arrived and Mr. Shafer was chauffeuring me all over the greater St. Louis area to find a particular dinner venue he wanted to expose me to.  After we located it and sated ourselves we took a different route back and noticed sort of a British car dealership/mechanic that looked interesting.  Swinging around the back we headed into the parking lot and somehow drove right by this thing without noticing it until we were done looking at the Rolls-Royces and Bentleys in various states of distress and were heading back to the van.

It’s obviously a 2007 (or maybe a 2008?) Honda Fit that may have been inspired by a Great Dale House Car, wherein a fellow named Dale took cars that were damaged in the rear and crafted campers to the remains.  At least that story makes sense, an undamaged Honda Fit has plenty of life and value left in it otherwise.  We eagerly shared our pictures with Mr. Cavanaugh when we saw him the next day – If the recent rust repairs on his Honda Fit don’t hold up, perhaps he can just slice that part away and create something similar.  Inspiration is everything.

The pie plate flap appears to hide the fuel filler based on where it’s located on the donor car, but  I seem to remember some kind of vent or other outlet that reminded me of a stove pipe when I looked.  I wish I had taken a picture of the area but didn’t want to touch the car itself.  While the back looks like a single piece it actually has two levels!  Like a Transformer, there is definitely more than meets the eye.

Here’s a shot through the untinted upper window into the master bedroom area.  I was extremely nervous that there would be someone looking back at me when I got close, but I got lucky, it was vacant.  It actually looks quite comfortable but really leaves me wondering what exactly is on the lower level.  Is it a parlor?  A living room with a cozy chair or recliner?  Storage space?  Or maybe a kitchen?  Or just a place for more oily bits?  We shall likely never know as I didn’t have a legal and socially acceptable way of finding out.

The construction seemed quite well done, the corrugated metal even looks hip in a Citroen H-van way and is surely durable.  Looking at it more at this time leaves me thinking that it probably started life as a pickup truck topper and then had the sides added, perhaps along with the windows near the front.

Opening the doors likely gives access to both levels.  The sloping floor looked like it was fixed in place. It’d be neat if was hinged like a C-130 Hercules’ loading ramp and it could act as a mini-toy-hauler.  Then again, the Fit is pretty mini already, what would fit back there, maybe a BigWheel?

This side shows an alternate set of hubcaps that look to me like they are original Honda Fit ones.  The jaunty splash graphic is cool, nothing like adding a dash of personalization and whimsy to something already so…personalized and whimsical I suppose.

Safety first!  I guess the regular mirror didn’t cut it anymore with the huge appendage on the back.  In any case, that concludes our (exterior) tour of one of the neater little motorhomes I’ve seen recently.