Curbside Classic: 1964 Mercury M-100, Mostly – Heavens to Mercuroid!

This isn’t quite still a 1964 Mercury M-100 pickup truck, but mostly it is. Certainly it faces the world that way, as you can see here.

I dig the big M E R C U R Y callout…

…and the hood crest:

On first look, I thought the front turn signals were some kind of newer-than-1964 generic items, but a bit of image searching revealed no, that’s the kind they were built with—just one model year after Team Amber’s hard-fought victory in the Great Midcentury Turn Signal Colour War:

This truck’s seen a bunch of years and a bunch of miles (through September 1977) and kilometres (thereafter). Is that a replacement door?

And the right hoodside badge has gone missing:

But look at the details here. Sturdy chrome doorhandle with a round thumb-punch latch button, in accord with Scripture. Body lines match up pretty well:

This left view says the right door isn’t a replacement, so I guess the right front fender is what got swapped:

And the left hoodside badge is alive and gleaming:

I didn’t pay enough attention to figure out what kind of shifter that is; but I think it’s an automatic one.

There’s stuff in the bed, also in accord with scripture. I’m pretty sure driving around in a pickup truck with a clean bed with no parts or fluids in it is amongst the thou-shalt-nots. What’s that intake manifold for?

And here’s where the brand integrity of this p’ticular truck goes a bit soft: the bed’s from a Ford. Or at least the tailgate is, but given the continuity of paint I’m guessing the whole box got swapped.

Donno if Mercury trucks had their own taillights or if they used these cool Ford shield-shaped ones, but that’s what this truck has:

Just waiting to head off to tackle the next round of chores:

What might Snagglepuss have said about an almost-Mercury like this? We don’t have to guess: