Curbside Oddity: Kia Time Machine: Great Scott!

The only Kia I wouldn’t mind driving…

I’ve lived down the road from this modified Kia Soul for six years now. I’ve watched as it was slowly transformed bit by bit into the car you see below.


I had the distinct pleasure of meeting it’s owner at a car meet called Mondays Don’t Suck. He showed up just as the show was ending and starting passing out flyers for a local convention. I got to ask him, why, out of every car you could turn a car into a time machine replica, why do it to a Kia Soul? He replied that he was simply working with what he could afford, being such a big fan of the Back To The Future movies as he was.

All of the additions have a homemade charm that brings to mind a lovingly put together costume for a convention. It’s not perfect, but it’s clear there was much time put into the project so that it became so much greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Roads? Where we’re going… we still need roads.