Curbside Outtake: 1987- 90 Dodge Colt Station Wagon – Imported, Twice Over

There’s been some love on CC recently for the second generation Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage hatchback and its derivatives. It came in many forms, under various model names – as the Colt, Mirage, Lancer and Champ and various brands – Mitsubishi in most of the world, Proton in Malaysia and south Asia, and parts of the British Commonwealth, and as Dodge, Plymouth and Eagle in North America.

Europe got the Mitsubishi brand, until the UK got the Proton version from 1989, as the Mitsubishi version was replaced by the next generation. Sales in North America were under the Mitsubishi label and also the Mopar brands, with Eagle added from 1988. But these brands never came to Europe.  Or did they?

This is a 1987-90 Dodge Colt DL wagon, which from the badging is trying to hide its Dodge branding (Colt by Dodge?). Perhaps Chrysler wanted a “Colt is Japanese” reputation to be read across? Based on what has been said on CC recently, this is now a rare car in North America, and indeed in Europe. This car will have a 1.8 litre engine, and either a five speed manual or three speed automatic (I confess to not looking to check) in place of the earlier car’s Twin Stick transmission with the two speed auxiliary gearbox.

So, a Dodge in France? Yes, and based on the number plate format it’s been in the same ownership for at least 15 years, of someone living in the Department de la Dordogne in the southwest of France (the 24 at the end is the department number – a department is analogous to a British county).

Google tells me that Cogdill Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM are still around, although now in Knoxville, Tennessee rather than North Carolina.

The number of rarity points is high; the reason and history are unknown but, apart from some missing cladding on one rear quarter, it looks reasonably tidy for a daily driver of that age. Especially in France…..