Curbside Outtake – 2015 Land Rover 110 Heritage Station Wagon: When Badging Goes Wrong

A quick question. What is wrong with this badge? It’s on a 2015 Land Rover 110 Station Wagon, one of the last series of the traditional Land Rover before production ended. This one was registered in November 2015.

Land Rover have used a badge in this form, identifying Birmingham or Solihull, (part of Birmingham and next to Coventry), Warwickshire or England and unashamedly rivetted on, for most of the vehicles’ production life, from 1947 to 2016.

Yes, 2016, not 2015. 1947-2015 actually became 1947-2016, 29 January (at  9.22am to be precise), simply due to the demand for the final models.

There’s a new Defender coming on-stream now. I suspect, though, that the badging will always be unsatisfactory to many classic Land Rover fans, and maybe even confusing to others, and not just because it won’t cover a period of over 60 years. However much it looks the business, promises much and is likely to be a class act, somehow “Land Rover Nitra Slovakia” won’t sound the same.